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Model #201 Radial Tape Reeling Machine


Compact: 30" x 24" Desk-Type stand

Versatile: Change component within minutes. Process components with Lead Spacing of .100, .200, .250, .300 and 3 Lead Components.

Economical: 1200 - 2000 Parts Per Hour. Built in Lead Trimmer. Meets E.I.A.-468-A Standards.

Precision Built: Quiet all electric operation. Variable speed control. Foot pedal operated. Resetable 4 digit electrical impulse counter. Operator light. 115 VAC, 60 cycle, 10.5 amp.

MODEL #201 greatly simplifies taping radial leaded devices of almost any configuration. The hand-fed machine features the use of a pre-punched paper carrier. The carrier is fed onto a pinned wheel (see below) that accurately aligns the punched holes to notches machined into the wheel to accept the various lead centers and lead diameters. Two strands of heat-activated adhesive tape are then pressed over the leads and fastened securely to the paper carrier. Roller pressure and heater are controlled through simple adjustments. Other standard features include speed control, lead trimming, parts counter, and a foot operated drive pedal for easy operation. Production output varies up to 2000 parts per hour depending on component quality and lead condition.

MODEL #201 can accept a wide variety of component configurations with minimal adjustments. The machine comes equipped with either a .200 lead spacing wheel or a wheel that accepts .100 and .250 lead spacing. Lead diameters up to .025 can be processed. Pitch lead spacing and diameters can be processed on special wheels.


 MODEL #201 Offers Significant Cost Savings!

  • Affordable Prices! - Far Less than any other machine on the market today.
  • Low Setup/Maintenance Costs! - All but nonexistent.
  • No Costly Tooling! - Adjusts to a variety of component sizes.
  • No High-cost Labor! - Can be operated by an unskilled employee.
  • Reliable and Precise! - Insures smooth processing through sequencing, cutting and forming.

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