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Model #101 Axial Tape Reeling Machine


Compact: 30" x 24" Desk-type stand.

Versatile: Change component size within minutes. Processes components up to .795 dia. and 2.00" body length with wire dia. of .013 to .042 in copper or steel. Tape spacing 1.250" to 5.00".

Economical: No special tooling. No maintenance. Non-technical operator.

Efficient: Up to 3000 components per hour production. Tapes and Reels at .200, .400, .600, and .800 pitch. Built in Lead Trimmer. Meets E.I.A. standard, RS-296-C and D.

Precision Built: Quiet all-electric operation. Variable speed control. Foot pedal operated, resettable 4-digit electrical impulse counter. Operator light. 115VAC, 60 cycle, 10.5 amp.

The MODEL #101 TAPE & REEL MACHINE provides a lead-taping system unequaled for any axial-lead requirement. Its extraordinary versatility can, without tooling change, process 1/8 watt resistors at .200 pitch to electrolytic capacitors at .800 pitch. Setup can be made in minutes by an unskilled operator with just a few hours of training. The Model #101 has a built-in lead trimmer to insure consistent standard tape width for use in Automatic Counting. Tape Dispensers for 60 to 3520 yard tape rolls make this smooth, quiet unit the industry's most remarkable value for low to medium volume production requirements.

 MODEL #101 Offers Significant Cost Savings!

  • Affordable Prices! - Far Less than any other machine on the market today.
  • Low Setup/Maintenance Costs! - All but nonexistent.
  • No Costly Tooling! - Adjusts to a variety of component sizes.
  • No High-cost Labor! - Can be operated by an unskilled employee.
  • Reliable and Precise! - Insures smooth processing through sequencing, cutting and forming.

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